Lord Arena- Best Blockchain Game

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Lord Arena- Best Blockchain Game

Although most RPG games are seemingly overwhelming when players first dip their toes into one, Lord Arena will be one of those simple games that anyone can undoubtedly enjoy. Otherwise, the game can become quite challenging as more content is released, but at the moment, we’ll take this time to walk new players through the campaign in Lord Arena.

The campaign is the bread and butter of everything within the scope of Lord Arena. Getting as far as your squad of heroes allows you to in the campaign will be the number one priority that any player should focus their time, effort, and resources on.

There are currently 33 chapters within Lord of Arena, each with increasing difficulty and of course more satisfying rewards. Each chapter will come with a set of, on average, 40 maps. Although this may sound like quite the road to walk on, let us assure you, it won’t take long before you start craving for more campaign chapters to conquer.

Moreover, there are a variety of benefits to climbing the long trek up to the summit of the campaign. These includes:

– Higher experience, gold, and limit break materials drop rate per minute: The level-up materials required for heroes get much steeper as they get to higher levels, so being stuck at a certain level in the campaign also puts a halt on your overall journey in Lord Arena. An important note to keep in mind is that Lord Arena is a team-building game, so spending resources on upgrading only 1 hero exclusively is generally a bad idea.

– Every four maps in a chapter, there’s a boss stage. Clearing the boss stage not only grants players extra rewards, but also precious tokens that can be used to trade with other players or spend on summoning heroes.

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Lord Arena- Best Blockchain Game

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