Knight War – The Holy Trio- Best Blockchain Game

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Knight War – The Holy Trio- Best Blockchain Game

Knight War – The Holy Trio is an upcoming Play-to-earn game in the style of the Idle Defense Genre, built on Binance Smart Chain and later Polygon Layer-2 Scaling Solution to utilize its low fees, fast transaction speed and large user base. Craft the best weapons and build your team of 5 to defend your Castle and fight other players!

We have designed a game with a twist in NFT where the focus is on the Weapon system rather than the characters. The game does not aim to be too intensive. We want it to be simple and fun, where anyone could relax, entertain and still earn real money!

Knight War The Holy Trio is also developing assets for the metaverse, meaning all of your NFT can soon be transferred into the virtual world!

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Knight War – The Holy Trio- Best Blockchain Game

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