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Eternal Dragons - Game Review

Eternal Dragons is a Solana blockchain-based game that allows players to earn Eternium for their achievements. Players can collect special Dragon NFTs and use them across multiple games as they progress through the expansive realm of Eternal Dragons.

Eternal Dragons is developed by a team of experienced and highly skilled game developers who have worked on popular franchises such as Candy Crush Saga, The Sims, and games for companies like EA, King, and Microsoft. The Eternal Dragons gaming franchise includes three initial games: a city builder, auto chess battler, and a 4X game. All of these games are powered by blockchain technology, which means that Eternal Dragons NFTs can be used across all of the games in the franchise.

The eternium currency is central to the Eternal Dragons universe and is required for completing various missions in the game. Players can earn eternium through gameplay and use it to progress through the game and unlock new content.

In the Eternal Dragons universe, the eternium token has many uses. Players can use it to level up and heal their dragons, breed new dragons, register for competitions, decorate town halls and other buildings, produce resources, mine for resources, cast spells and potions, and teleport to new locations. This versatile in-game currency is essential for players looking to make progress and achieve their goals in the game.

In Eternal Dragons, players can earn passive income by renting out their dragons. The rarity of a dragon also plays a role in its power and effectiveness in battle. Dragons with rare genetic makeup are highly sought after for breeding, as they have the potential to produce powerful offspring. Additionally, the utility of a dragon extends beyond a single game mode. For example, a dragon used in the chess battler game can also participate in battles in the 4X game. This adds an extra layer of depth to the game and allows players to get more value out of their in-game assets.

Economy Sustainability

The creators have made sure to design a sustainable economy using AI control. The game's AI dynamically controls the flow of new dragons Eternium. Moreover, a deep F2P economy is also in play which will ensure the consumption of these assets.

Eternal Dragons NFT Ownership Benefits

Eternal Dragons NFT ownership comes with a variety of benefits, including unlimited breeding revenue, passive eternium generation from descendents, unique dragon appearances, and rare DNA makeup that grants additional power. Players can also rent out their dragons and receive in-game item airdrops and token airdrops. Pre-sale access to NFTs and $EDQ, early access to chapters, and exclusive invitations to virtual and in-real-life events are also available to NFT owners. In addition, holders have access to an alpha discord channel and receive discounts on merchandise.

Eternal Dragons Gameplay

The Prologue is the first game in the Eternal Dragons series and focuses on an NFT collection of 10,000 unique dragons that can be used in the breeding game. This game will introduce dragons to the Eternal Dragons universe and set the stage for future games in the series.

Ch 1

In Strife, the core gameplay involves entering the arena with an army of dragons and minions and engaging in combat in an automatic chess-style battle. This gameplay system provides an exciting and enjoyable experience and allows players to use their dragon NFTs in combat. It also strikes a balance between skill and strategy versus chance, making it a fair and strategic game.

CH 2

Chapter 2 of Eternal Dragons focuses on building a house to support your alliance. Players can use the resources they have acquired in Chapter 1 to form groups and alliances and face new challenges in this immersive game environment.

Ch 3

In Chapter 3 of Eternal Dragons, player-formed coalitions will compete against each other as players command their armies and journey across the game world in search of answers to the universe's most pressing problems. This quest for ultimate power will provide players with new challenges and opportunities to test their skills and strategies.

Player Funding Platform

Eternal Dragons aims to create a new global economy where guilds and players can easily access money and trade goods, and hire people to help them compete, grow, and win. The platform also plans to automate much of the process of creating a guild and launching it as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) through its in-game interface. This allows users to rent NFTs or invest tokens in guilds, aligning incentives and promoting open, transparent plans for shared resource pools and revenue sharing. The use of technology automates the allocation of guild funds, enabling participation and collective profit. The alpha version of the first Eternal Dragons game is set to be released at the end of Q4. Stay tuned for more updates on the game.


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Playing the Solana blockchain-based game Eternal Dragons lets you earn Eternium for your accomplishments with special Dragon NFTs across several games.

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Playing the Solana blockchain-based game Eternal Dragons lets you earn Eternium for your accomplishments with special Dragon NFTs across several games.

Trailblazer Games develops games on Solana Blockchain. Ethereum is their digital transaction platform. Eternal Dragons is a game is based on NFT technology.

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