Black Eye Galaxy- Best Blockchain Game

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Black Eye Galaxy- Best Blockchain Game

Buy planets, explore galaxy, mine resources, start civilization, spaceships races, battles

Black Eye Galaxy [BYG] is a Metaverse designed to create a space exploration experience for

its members. BYG offers many assets from planets to spaceships and buildings – all tradeable,

transferable and truly owned by the player. BYG is a Play-To-Earn game meaning that just by doing

tasks in-game the player will be rewarded BYG tokens – a native currency of our Metaverse.

BYG runs on Binance Smart Chain primarily, since BSC offers very fast and cheap transactions

which makes the game more accessible to more people. However, to attract even more players BYG

will be integrating all mainstream Layer-1 Blockchains in its gameplay, i.e. Ethereum, Solana and etc.

BYG Token is a standard BEP-20 token which will be used as the main currency for all

transactions – the player will be buying and selling NFT assets for and with BYG, the player will also

earn rewards in BYG token for completing various tasks.

BYG uses the Non-Fungible tokens to manage all its Metaverse assets, meaning that every

planet, spaceships or building can be bought, sold and traded by the player and kept in his own

wallet – decentralized as it should be.

NFT assets are not the common tokens that can be traded on common DEXs like

PancakeSwap, thus BYG will use its own NFT marketplace in which all the aforementioned assets will

be bought and sold using the native BYG Token.

Our current NFT assets are:

1. Planets and Spaceships (Built using ERC-721 standard).

2. Star Alliances (Built using ERC-1155 standard).

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Black Eye Galaxy- Best Blockchain Game

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